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BAXI LUNA Platinum+

New! Wall mounted gas fired condensing boiler LUNA Platinum+

Series boilers LUNA Platinum + is the result of the introduction of the most advanced technologies. The principles that were laid down at the creation of this boiler - Full integration with alternative heating and domestic hot water systems (solar panels, heat pumps, etc.) and "Intelligence inside", ie the ability to adapt to the boiler heating system, flue gas composition and other conditions.


All models are equipped with modern burner with complete premixing gas-air mixture, and work with the modulation ratio to 1:10.


In boilers LUNA Platinum Series combines the latest technology and ease of installation, startup and operation.

This series includes six models of single-circuit and double-circuit boilers from 12 to 33 kW.


Specifications BAXI LUNA Platinum+

• adaptive combustion control system;
• modulation ratio - 1:10;
• Keep the rated power when the gas inlet pressure drops to 5 mbar;
• stainless steel AISI 316L burner with premixing of gas and air;
• You can reconfigure for liquefied gas;
• Progressive modulation circulating pump with integrated automatic air vent;
• Stainless steel AISI 316 primary heat exchanger;
• Secondary plate heat exchanger made of stainless steel (combi models);
• Electric motor with a three-way valve (including single-loop models);
• A new removable control panel with a wide screen and a built-in temperature sensor (optional wireless);
• Cascade management of up to 16 boilers;
• Self-adaptation weather-automatics;
• Built-in weather-automatics;
• Electronic gauge - triggered when the water pressure drops in 2 stages: prevention and lock;
• Electronic self-diagnosis and remembering past mistakes in the work;
• Ionisation flame control;
• Anti-lock pump and three-way valve.



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