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R3 WiFi mini DV.

1. Before Using

Red indicator light: Video function indication.

Blue indicator light: WIFI indication.


• Long press the switch key to enter the system initialization, the red light is on. The camera default open WIFI mode. The blue light is on. If there is SD card, the red light flashes once then bright all the time. If there is no SD card, the red indicator light flashes. Long press mode key 2 seconds on the standby mode to turn off Wi-Fi function, the blue light is off. Then long press 2 seconds to open Wi-Fi, the blue light is on. The camera will automatically shut down if WIFI is off and no operation within 60 seconds under standby mode.


No SD card/No memory storage left: Turn off Wi-Fi, the red light flashes 5 times and then turns off; Turn on Wi-Fi, the red light flashes.

Low Power: The blue light is off, the red light turn off after 2 sec.


1.1 Product Structure

1. Mini USB

2. TF Card Slot

3. Notch for Attachment

4. Camera port

5. Indicator Light

6. On/Off Button
7. M Button

8. Infrared IR Night Vision Lamps


2. Basic Instructions

2.1 How to charge

The camera built-in rechargeable lithium battery, please charge it before the first using.



1. Connect the camera to computer,charge it with USB cable;

2. Charging while recording: Connect to external USB 5V charger or mobile power supplement;


* The red indicator light is on and flashing normally when you charge the camera. When the red indicator light keeps on but stops flashing means charging is completed.( Please charge for more than 30 minutes to make sure the battery is fully charged.)


Note: When the battery power is low, the red and blue indicator lights flash at the same time for about 5 seconds, the camera will shut-down automatically, enter into the protection state (The recording file will save automatically), the camera should be charged under this condition.


2.2 Charging While Recording

Insert TF card, connect USB 5V charger or mobile power supplement with USB cable, start recording videos while charging the camera.
Click any button to stop recording. Or the camera will keep recording until out of battery.


2.3 Reset

If the machine crashes, the button can not be used normally, you can press the «Power» key and the «M» key to reset the machine, then it can be used normally.


2.4 Power Off

If you want to shut down the camera under the video recording, photo taking, motion detection mode. Press «On/Off» button for about 6 seconds to shutdown the camera. ( The indicator light is off.) When the camera is under standby mode, the camera will shut-down automatically after one minute without any working mode.


2.5 Time Setting

The camera will automatically create a TXT text document in the TF card directory. (As the pic ) Shutdown the camera, connect the camera to computer with USB cable, open TIMEREST.txt document. Edit and save the time you need in the document. ( Such as “ 20160804174726 Y ”) Boot up the camera to shoot videos, the video will show the time watermark you save in the txt document. You can use the same method if you don’t need time watermark.


For example:

20150608192526 Y ( Have time watermark)

20150608192526 N ( Don’t have time watermark)



1. Be sure to insert the T-flash (Micro SD) card into the product. If the card have not TF/SD card inside, the camera can not be used normally when the red and blue indicator light flash at the same time.

2. Please keep the lens at the distance of 50cm or more in the environment with sufficient lighting. This way makes the images and videos stable with natural color, and scenery is clear.


2.6 Connect to a computer

The camera can be directly connected to the computer under boot up, standby, or shutdown mode. It can be used as normal «U» disk and you can copy/paste/delete the file as usually do.

Connect the camera to the computer, after a few seconds the computer will pop up the removable disk logo, when the blue indicator light is on, means the computer can identify the USB device and carry out data transmission, the red light is on means the camera is charging, the red light flashes for a long time means the camera is fully charged.



1. After the unit is connected to the computer, if the computer does not recognize it, or if the removable disk is not ejected after 30 seconds, please reset it and try again.

2. It is recommended to use the TF card reader to read the video file directly to play, if you directly use the USB connection to save the machine built-in memory in the video file, the transmission can not keep up because of the data may be too large and resulting in playback is not smooth.


3. Mode Instructions

3.1 Recording Mode

1. Boot up the camera, enter the standby mode. (The blue indicator light is on.)

2. Click the «M» button. (The red indicator light is flashing slowly.) Start recording 1080P HD videos. Save the video file, the red light is always on.

3. The video will safe video as segmented video every 5 minutes. The video will be loop covered if there is no enough storage.

4. Click the power button again to stop recording, back to standby mode.

5. Push the power button for a long time under the recording mode will shut down the camera. Recording file will be preserved automatically.


3.2 Recording Infrared Mode

1. Boot up the camera, enter the standby mode. (The blue indicator light is on.)

2. Push the power button. (The red indicator light is flashing slowly.) Start recording 1080P HD videos.

3. Click the «M» button under the RECORDING MODE to start infrared mode. (The red indicator light is flashing slowly.)

4. Click the «M» button for 2 seconds again, back to normal recording mode. (The red indicator light is flashing quickly.)


3.3 Photographs-taking Mode

1. Boot up the camera, enter the standby mode. (The blue indicator light is on.)

2. Click the switch button to start taking photographs.

3. Every click on the «Power» button is taking a pic. (The red indicator light flashes with each clicking.)

4. Photos will be preserved automatically as 12M (4032*3024)

5. Push the «Power» button for a long time will shut down the camera.


3.4 Wi-Fi

1. Wi-Fi connecting: Connect your phone or iPad to Wi-Fi ( Name is begin with JH-7602B***); default password is 12345678.

2. Indicator Light: If the blue light is always on that means the Wi-Fi mode is open or connected; If the blue light is flashing, that means the camera is transforming image signal through Wi-Fi.

3. Shooting Videos/Photos: Under Wi-Fi mode, you can choose to save recording files in your phone or in the SD card through APP; In the APP settings, the camera video resolution is optional as well.


3.5 Infrared Mode under Wi-Fi Mode

1. Long press key button for 2 seconds under Wi-Fi mode to open infrared mode. (The blue light flashes quickly, the red light flashes slowly.)

2. Long press key button for 2 seconds again to turn off infrared mode. (The blue light and the red light both flash quickly.)


3.6 USB

You can connect to the computer with USB cable under any mode. But Wi-Fi function is closed and can not be open.


3.7 Download APP

You can download and install the two-dimensional code by scanning the QR code on manual or on the outer box.





APP QR Code AndroidAPP QR Code IOS APP QR Code Google


4. Parameters

4.1 Relevant Parameters

Video Format: AVI

Video Code: M-JPEG

Resolution: 1920×1080P

Frame Rate: 30fps

Proportion 16:9

Resolution: 12M (4032×3024)

Picture Format: JPG

Motion Detection: Support

Battery type: Built-in high-capacity lithium polymer

Battery capacity: 450mAh

Working time: 2.5 hours

Voltage: DC-5V

Memory: Max up to 32GB

Speed: High speed USB2.0

Port: Mini 8pin USB

Support System: Windows me/2000/XP/2003/Vista; Mac Os; Linux

Playing Software: Default Software


4.2 Notes

Each time you use the battery and then charge, about to charge about 2-3 hours to fill, the indicator light is filled as much as possible after 30 minutes to ensure that the fully charged.

Because this product is the real HD DV, the product power consumption is larger than the Purple, the shell material using zinc alloy parts, and the use of the product may cause hot, it’s normal phenomenon, please do not worry. The product has come through a long period of time tests. There can not be any product quality problems.



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