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Born of the concept car of the same name, Renault Captur stands for an innovative way of thinking about cars.

We have developed a compact crossover which combines the best of three worlds. The expressive styling and driving position of an SUV, the cabin space and modular interior of an MPV and the driving pleasure of a hatchback.

Renault Captur will encourage new adventures and new discoveries leaving behind the urban jungle in order to experience love, family, sport and passion.

Its design expresses itself through smooth, fluid and balanced lines, it is beautifully useful, practical, smart and clever.

Renault Captur plays on its originality with its two tone colour scheme and extensive personalisation options, allowing everyone to make it their very own. Renault Captur, a crossover from Renault, for every life you lead.



The Renault Captur embodies a new approach to vehicle design. Renault’s first urban crossover, the Captur is agile, dynamic and elegant. Drawing on Renault’s expertise, it explores new territory in terms of design, comfort and pleasure!

A design expressed through smooth, flowing, even lines. The Renault Captur exudes originality with its two-colour paintwork and customisation options that allow each individual to match the car to his or her own lifestyle and desires.


Technology and innovation


Handsfree keycard

To unlock, start and remotely lock the car without even touching the key. Just make sure it’s in your pocket or bag!



Renault’s on-board touch screen tablet MediaNav (standard on Dynamique Nav and Dynamique S Nav) provides access to useful and practical features including: navigation, media from multiple sources, handsfree telephone using Bluetooth®* technology and ECO mode giving you advice to reduce your daily fuel consumption. Enjoy stress free travel with Renault MediaNav.


• Navigation

Provided by Navteq with vocal guidance.

• Music

FM/AM/DAB tuner, connect devices via USB and AUX sockets.

• Phone

Bluetooth technology allows you to make and receive calls on the move.

• Connectivity

Smartphones with the AHA app can stream internet radio (uses phone data). Siri Eyes-Free for compatible iPhones (iOS 5 or later).

Optional R-Link

Integrated 7" touchscreen multimedia system (with navigation). In addition to its many built-in features shown below, there are also applications to download from the R-Link Store. You can control it from the screen, steering wheel controls or even voice command.
R-Link is available with the Techno Pack which also includes a reverse parking camera and European mapping.


• Main menu with 6 icons

Discover the six available menus: navigation, multimedia, telephone, vehicle information, services and applications, system settings.

• Touchscreen navigation system

Provided by TomTom® (36 months subscription to LIVE services from delivery).


• Multimedia

FM/AM/DAB tuner, connect devices via USB and AUX sockets or Bluetooth®.


• Reverse parking camera system

Rear parking sensors with reverse parking camera, which displays the image on the navigation system screen alongside guidance aids.


• Vehicle information

The fun “ECO Driving” coach gives you handy tips to improve your driving style and reduce your fuel consumption.


• Voice control

Set your destination, call a contact or launch an application with voice control.


The fully-equipped urban explorer

Smart storage

Adventures you’ll remember forever. The practical Renault Captur has set its sights on explorers of both country lanes and city streets, providing them with storage worthy of a much larger car. Ideas, objects, little treasures - you’ll never have to leave anything behind.

From the Dynamique Nav trim level, net pockets behind each front seat can be used to store newspapers, maps, notebooks or guidebooks. There is also a closed compartment on top of the dashboard and a removable central storage area that can be accessed from both the front and rear seats.


Removable and washable seat covers

The brand-new seat design enhances the passenger compartment’s modern look. The upholstery unzips and is machine-washable on the Dynamique Nav and Dynamique S Nav trim levels. Choose from five different patterns (depending on the trim level) and change your interior trim whenever you like! The backs of the front seats can be wiped down with a sponge.


Modular inner space

We go further when we’re comfortable. Further in exploring. Further in enjoying the pleasure of travelling.

To ensure even greater comfort for adults and children alike, there is ample interior space. The 60:40 split folding rear bench has 3 seats, converts into a flat floor and slides on rails, allowing the Renault Captur’s volume to be adjusted and its passenger compartment arranged to suit your needs.

From the Dynamique Nav trim level, the boot has a multi-position, removable and reversible floor, with a rubber surface that can be wiped down with a sponge. When raised to sill level, the floor hides your valuables and items you don’t want on show, in its lowered position, it gives a practical boost to your loading space.

Engines and gearboxes


Stop & Start

Automatically turns off the engine when the Renault Captur is stopped and in neutral, cutting down on emissions, fuel consumption and noise. Restarts instantly, smoothly and without vibrations.


Energy Smart Management (ESM)

By recovering kinetic energy when braking and decelerating, ESM optimises the consumption of electrical energy and helps recharge the battery.


ECO mode

To reduce fuel consumption even further, the driver can select ECO mode, which modifies the vehicle’s acceleration, torque / power management and heating / air-conditioning.



Innovative Overboost technology provides ENERGY TCe 90 Stop & Start engines with increased levels of acceleration. With temporary additional torque and power, the Overboost allows more responsive starts from take-off and improved acceleration at wide open throttle. This improves both driving pleasure and confidence; facilitating exits at crossroads, merging from entry slip roads and overtaking.


EDC automatic gearbox

For greater comfort and pleasure, the 6-speed dual-clutch EDC automatic gearbox is available with the TCe 120 petrol and dCi 90 diesel engines. Upshifting is fast and smooth, with no jerking or loss in acceleration.


Safety for all



Reinforced structure, high-efficiency front airbags, head/chest side airbags, pressure sensor to detect impact, seat belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters (front seats), anti-whiplash headrests, force limiter function (rear side seats), anti-submarining front seats (Fix4sure). Three ISOFIX 3-point seat attachments (front + rear side seats).


Hill Start Assist (HSA)

When starting the vehicle on a hill, brake pressure is automatically maintained for two seconds, giving the driver time to manoeuvre.


Optional rear parking sensors

To facilitate parking manoeuvres, the rear parking sensors (standard from Dynamique S Nav) alert you to any obstacles behind the car with a series of increasingly rapid beeps. The system can be equipped with a reverse parking camera that sends the image to the navigation system screen and displays guidance aids.


Corner lighting

When taking corners, the fog light on the side nearest the bend lights up automatically to give you a wider field of vision (standard from Dynamique Nav).



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