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Scania Streamline

It all adds up

Superior fuel economy from every point of view.

Our continuous work to improve fuel efficiency has resulted in a new truck with up to 8% less fuel consumption. No stone has been left unturned; we have worked our way through the truck from the inside out to refine every part to perfection



We shaped the Streamline

Smarter design with fewer components resulted in fuel savings of 1%, and we still guide the air effectively to keep the handles clean.



Mission: reduce and refine

By looking to improve every component, and every combination of components in our second generation of Euro 6 engines, we could lower the fuel consumption with 2% and maintain true Scania performance.


Optimising performance

The new Economy mode lets the driver adapt the powertrain depending on conditions and needs. Together with Scania Active Prediction and optimised gearbox oil levels, we managed to cut 5% of fuel consumption.


More than just a truck

The new driver coaching prolongs the effects of driver training, and with optimised vehicle settings we keep fuel consumption to a minimum.



To further reduce fuel consumption, Scania works with three key components acting together: driver, vehicle and services. The sum is unmatched fuel efficiency.



The smoothest cabs in the business just got smoother. But it’s not just looks; the aerodynamic improvements on the new Streamline cut important drops of fuel.


Scania Opticruise

With the new Economy mode and Scania Active Prediction, you save up to 5% in fuel consumption. Save another 3% by cruising at 85 km/h instead of 89 km/h


Scania Active Prediction
Scania’s predictive cruise control system uses GPS and topographic data to finely regulate your cruising speed. Fully integrated in Scania Opticruise, it uses different fuel-saving strategies according to what performance mode is activated.


Winding roads

Scania Opticruise and the fuel-saving cruise control Scania Active Prediction know all the ups and downs of the road ahead. The performance modes help you keep up the cruising speed and keep down fuel consumption.

The drivers role

Scania Driver Support is a real-time support system designed to encourage drivers to maintain skills learned in Driver Training.


Scania Driver Coaching
Feedback from the experts
With Scania Driver Coaching, the driver is assigned a personal coach to deliver feedback by phone on driving style and improvements. With continuous coaching, the effects of driver training lasts longer.


Continuous feedback

With a skilled driver behind the wheel, fuel costs can be cut dramatically. In the end it’s always the driver who makes the decisions, and we do all we can to help.


Every part in its place

From engine, gearbox and air compressor all the way down to the LED tail lights; everything contributes to bringing you optimal fuel efficiency.


The Streamline legacy

We are in this for the long haul. Ever since the launch of the original Scania Streamline in 1991, we have been perfecting your fuel economy. The trend towards aerodynamic heavy trucks started with the original Scania Streamline back in 1991, which was a restyled Scania 3-series with minute attention to how airflow affected fuel efficiency.

The Streamline became a legend, and gathered followers all over Europe. Since then, we have seen generations of new trucks continue this aerodynamic legacy. The new Scania Streamline stays true to this heritage, and reinforces Scania’s position as a world leader in fuel economy and uptime.

Quality time

There is no joy like that of a rolling business

Maximum uptime. That’s the guiding principle we always follow when designing new Scania trucks and services. With Scania’s focus on operating economy, durability and robustness, a partnership with Scania is built to last. Therefore the new Scania Streamline comes loaded with new services to keep your business moving forward.

Hard work

Tough roads call for strong team efforts

Your truck is your partner. That’s why it’s paramount for us that you have access to all the engine power you need, when you need it. The new Scania Streamline comes packed with power, in true Scania style. And more important than ever is the wide range of engines available, to make sure your truck has all the power needed to get the job done.



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