Regional truck Scania P340

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Scania P340

Scania P340 LA4X2HNA New Griffin

Regional truck Scania P340, 85 km / h, 340 hp



Weight chassis kg- 7,160. Strengthened H-class spar frame with a thickness of 9.5 mm. Suspension Front: parabolic springs 2H32. Suspension rear: air. The stabilizer on the front axle, the normal hardness. The mechanical chassis leveling. Stamped Steel wheels.

Motor SCANIA DС11 08 340, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, 11-liter, in-line, direct injection diesel engine with turbocharging toxicity with Euro 3, 340 hp

Transmission: SCANIA GR900 9-speed, including creeping gear. Protection against overload clutch.


Brakes: fully pneumatic dual system of direct action. Air Dryer. Automatic engine retarder.


Cabin: CP19N – fully steel cab safely performed in accordance with European standards with a 1-m berth 750 mm wide. Mechanical suspension at 4 points with a stabilizer comfort. Glass doors windows single. Manual windows. The sunroof with manual control. Manual heater control system. Instrument panel with on-board computer. Cruise control. etc.


Specifications Scania P340 LA4X2HNA New Griffin:

Maximum load on the front axle, kg: 7100

The maximum load on the rear axle, kg: 13000

Tyres: front / rear: GoodYear or Michelin 315/70R22.5

Engine: SCANIA DС11 08 340

maximum capacity: 250 kW (340 hp) at 1900 min-1

Maximum torque: 1600 Nm at 1100 - 1300 min-1

Speed limiter: 85 km / h

Transmission: SCANIA GR900 9-speed

Fuel tank, l: 600



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