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Scania P340

Scania P340 LA4X2HLA New Griffin Low

Low bed tractor Scania P340, 85 km / h, 340 hp


Chassis (low performance: Weight chassis kg- 7,200. Strengthened H-class spar frame with a thickness of 9.5 mm. Suspension Front: parabolic springs 2H32. Suspension rear: air. The stabilizer on the front axle, the normal hardness. E base chassis leveling system. Stamped Steel wheels. Size 9.00 / 22.5 "- 7 pieces, including the spare wheel.

Engine SCANIA DС11 08 340, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, 11-liter, in-line, direct injection diesel engine with turbocharging toxicity with Euro 3, 340 hp

Transmission: SCANIA GR900 9-speed, including creeping gear. Protection against overload clutch.


Brakes: Fully air dual system of direct action. Air Dryer. Automatic engine retarder. The parking brake is spring-loaded front and rear wheels. Rear valve adjusting brake force depending on the load. Automatic adjustment of brake clearance. The valve lock semitrailer brake system with ABS. The valve lock brakes parking brake chambers. Brake pads rear width of 254 mm. Air Dryer. Automatic engine retarder.


Cabin: CP19N – fully steel cab safely performed in accordance with European standards with a 1-m berth 750 mm wide. Mechanical suspension at 4 points with a stabilizer comfort. Glass doors windows single. Manual windows. The sunroof with manual control. Instrument panel with on-board computer. Cruise control. etc.


Specifications Scania P340 LA4X2HLA New Griffin Low:

Maximum load on the front axle, kg: 7100

The maximum load on the rear axle, kg: 13000

Wheelbase, mm: 3 550

Tyres: front / rear: GoodYear or Michelin 305/70R22.5

Engine: SCANIA DС11 08 340

maximum capacity: 250 kW (340 hp) at 1900 min-1

Maximum torque: 1600 Nm at 1100 - 1300 min-1

Speed limiter: 85 km / h

Transmission: SCANIA GR900 9-speed

Fuel tank, l: 600



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