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Scania P380

Scania P380 CA6X4HNZ New Griffin 6X4


Chassis: Weight chassis kg- 9,210. Strengthened H-class spar frame with a thickness of 9.5 mm. The stabilizer on the front axle, the normal hardness. Steel forged wheels, size 9.00 / 22.5 "- 11 pieces, including a spare tire.


Engine: SCANIA DC12 17 380, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, 12-liter, in-line, direct injection diesel engine with turbocharging and intermediate air cooling. Engine toxicity with Euro 3, power of 380 hp Limiter white smoke on startup. speed limiter (85 km / h). Front air intake winter. Curtain intercooler.


Optional equipment: Twisted brake hoses for the semi-trailer. Coiled cable for the electrical system of the semitrailer. Electrical connectors, 2x7. Seat unit JOST JSK37 CZ, 2 "/ 150 mm. Plate mounting saddle unit, 40 mm HD. The height of the tractor unit 1300 mm. The protection of the muffler. The lights lorry on the roof with a switch. A device for tire inflation hose. Caps of wheels, stainless steel, . Caps front wheel nuts Hydraulic jack Stops wheels -.. 2 pcs.


Electrics: The two batteries 24 V 225 Ah capacity. The base and double to the left on the chassis switches the battery. A pressure signal generator 80 of the bumper. Reversing lights and rear fog light. Front fog lights and parking lights are white.


Final drive: RB662 + R660 single-step, hypoid, with blocking of cross-axle and inter-axle differentials. Final drive ratio of 1: 3.42


Specifications Scania P380 CA6X4HNZ New Griffin 6X4:

Maximum load on the front axle, kg: 7100

The maximum load on the rear axles, kg: 21000

Wheelbase, mm: 3100

Suspension Front: parabolic springs 2х32

Rear Suspension: multi-leaf springs 10х20/90

Tyres: front / rear: GoodYear or Michelin 295/80R22.5

Engine: SCANIA DC12 17 380

maximum capacity: 280 kW (380 hp) at 1900 min-1

Maximum torque: 1800 Nm at 1100-1400 min-1

Speed limiter: 85 km / h

Transmission: SCANIA GR900 9-speed

Fuel tank, l: Two 300



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