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Scania V8, 730 hp

The Scania 730 hp V8 in many ways represents the beginning of a new era, a new rule in the kingdom of high-output engines.

With inexhaustible power and torque on tap, right when you need it the most, it’s bound to put you in the lead, competition behind - and a smile on your face.

The V8 is based on Scania’s modular engine platform, introduced in 2007 on inline engines.

It features a completely new design, yet it shares fundamental architecture and many components with its siblings in the Scania engine dynasty.

Outstanding uptime and reliability

The low-maintenance, low-rev philosophy, paired with the easy-to-service modular design and the sheer robustness of every detail, make the Scania V8 truck range a perfect choice for anyone with the ambition to spend more hours on the road and less time in the workshop.
In addition, the worldwide Scania service network is always there for you to ensure maximum uptime.


Impressive fuel efficiency and environmental performance

A great many Scania customers have found that a Scania V8 offers impressive fuel economy. Depending on load, road and driving style, it may even be the best choice – especially when combined with a high-speed rear axle.
Less fuel consumed means lower environmental impact. The new engine meets the Euro 6, EEV and Euro 5 standards, but the technology is prepared to cope with even stricter future standards.


A complete range to choose from

What makes the Scania offer so special is that the V8 advantage is available with a variety of outputs and with Euro 6, EEV, Euro 5, Euro 4 and Euro 3 emission levels. This makes it possible for you to enjoy the unique styling, the special feeling and all the benefits of a Scania V8 with an engine that fits your needs exactly.


Power in style. DC16 103 730 Euro 6

Swept volume - 16.4 litre

Maximum power - 730 hp (537 kW) at 1900 r/min

Maximum torque - 3500 Nm between 1000 and 1400 r/min

Engine PTO - 600 Nm

Euro 6 technology - Scania EGR and SCR

Fuel system - Scania XPI extra-high-pressure injection

Gearboxes - 12+2-speed overdrive range-splitter with Scania Opticruise

Powertrain options - Scania Retarder



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