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Volvo VNR 640

Our premium regional midroof sleeper.


When home-time stops are fewer and farther between on your regional routes, the 61-inch midroof sleeper on the VNR 640 provides extra room for catching up on paperwork or relaxing, and ample storage to keep your living area organized. And with a short BBC, the VNR still maintains excellent maneuverability.

A thick layer of insulation combined with some of the quietest running engines in the industry keep the cab comfortable and quiet whether you’re down for an hour or for the night.

Snacks and refreshments.

The VNR 640’s cabinets can be configured to include a refrigerator or a microwave, so a hot meal or a cold drink can be available any time.


Adaptive Loading.

A lift axle solution for 6x2 tractor configurations, Volvo’s Adaptive Loading is designed to help trucks run at peak fuel efficiency and performance every mile of every haul. It senses weight differentiation and automatically lifts the axle to reduce friction and save fuel. Adaptive Loading also improves traction during lighter hauls, by transferring all weight to the rear axle of the vehicle. From a full load down to an empty trailer, this integrated and automated technology makes every driver a more efficient driver.

Common-rail fuel injection.

The unique design of Volvo’s common-rail fuel system delivers multiple benefits. Finer control allows quicker, more accurate fuel injection for improved fuel efficiency; while a clean installation improves reliability and dramatically reduces engine noise.

Lower friction, wave piston design.

Improvements in surface finishing of the piston skirt area significantly reduce parasitic losses due to friction between the piston and the cylinder bore, benefitting both power output and fuel efficiency. Our patented wave design on the face of the piston increases cylinder efficiency by optimizing flame propagation toward the center of the cylinder for an ultra-clean burn.

One-box aftertreatment.

Volvo’s “one-box” exhaust aftertreatment system offers smaller system packaging and reduces weight by 17 pounds compared to two-piece systems. The one-box configuration provides better thermal encasing of exhaust energy, and improves muffler efficiency. The use of Cu-Z (Copper Zeolite) catalyst coatings improves both low-temperature NOx conversion, and long-term system robustness. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) allows the engine to use less EGR, and maintain higher oxygen levels for better combustion.


Powerful and precise engine braking.

The intelligent Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) is an enhanced engine braking system that gives drivers precise control over engine braking, and saves the truck’s brakes for when they’re needed most. The D11 and D13 engines use a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT), which “supercharges” the VEB system, thanks to intelligent software. The result is phenomenal retarding horsepower at low RPM, where the engine spends most of its time and where braking is needed most.


Specifications Volvo VNR 640


Description: Spacious mid-roof sleeper designed for regional hauls requiring multiple overnight stays.


Applications: Regional haul, short haul


Cab type: 61” sleeper


Interior height: 76.5”


Interior width: 83.5” door to door with 79”x36” mattress


Wheelbase per axle configuration:

• 193”-217” 4x2

• 191”-225” 6x4


Wheelbase: Alternative configurations:

• 179”-215” 6x2 Tag

• 224”-236” 6x2 Adaptive Loading



• Volvo D11 325-425 hp 1250-1550 lb-ft

• Volvo D13 375-500 hp 1450-1850 lb-ft.



• Volvo I-Shift – 12 speed

• Volvo I-Shift with Crawler Gears – 13, 14 speed

• Eaton Fuller (Manual): 10 speed, 13 speed, 18 speed


I-See: Available with Volvo Powertrains



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