DVR mini U8. Operation Instructions.

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1. USB port
2. TF card slot
3. Power on/off button, Separate audio recordings key
4. Photo shooting, Video recording key
5. Indicators
6. Motion detection key
7. Lens
8. Microphone



Power on/off

Long press on K3, blue and red light will be on, at the same time machine shakes, when shaking stop, the initialization finished and the blue light go off, red light keep on, machine enter standby mode. Long press on K3, machine shakes and red light flash 3 times to be shutdown.


Taking photo

In standby mode, short press on K4 key, blue light go on, machine begin to be photographed and save the file.


Recording Video

In standby mode, long press K4 key, machine shake twice, the red light flash 3 times then go off, it begin to recording, short press K4 key again, machine shake once, it will stop recording and save the file, meanwhile the red light is on and the machine enter into the standby mode again.


Separate Audio Recording

In standby mode, short press on K3, machine shakes once and blue lights flash 3 times then go off, it starts to recording. Short press on K3 key, machine shake once, machine stop recording and save the file.


Motion detection mode

In standby mode, short press on K6, machine shake three times, blue and red light flash 4 times then go off, machine enter motion detecting standby mode. Short press on K6, machine shake once, then stop recording and save automatically, then enter the standby mode.


PC Web Camera

(It will automatically install the drivers before using this function)
In shutdown condition, keep pressing on K4 till connect to computer and enter into PC camera.



Charging with an ac adapter via the usb extension cable, or connect to your pc directly.
When the battery is fully charged, the blue light will be off.
Note: In the first 5 times, please RUN OUT of the battery and get full recharged, which can activate the battery's maximum capacity.


Recording While Charging

When battery in charging status, long press on K6 first, then press K6 again till the red light goes on, the machine will enter standby mode.


Set Time

Connect the machine to your computer, under the disk root directory, please creat a txt named 'TIME.TXT", then open it and set the time form
When you complete the setting, please restart the camera, it will automatically complete the time revision. And you can also use "WriteTime. Exe" file which stored in the machine to update the video time.


Exception Handling

When battery is low, the green light will flash about 3 seconds, tehn automatically saves the current image file and shutdown.
Because of accidental faulty operation or other special reasons, the camera stop work, please press K3 and K4 to restart the machine.
Cannot connect computer: please confirm your operating system, driver, USB interface, connections are okay.




Video format AVI
Video coding M-JPEG
Video resolution 1280*960 1280*720 720*480 640*480
Frame rate 30fps
Picture format JPG
Picture resolution 1280*1024
Image pix 5M
Image ratio 4:3
Battery capacity 300mAh
Working hours About 120 minutes
Charging voltage DC-5V
Interface type MINI 4pin USB
Memory card micro TF card
Battery typeHigh capacity Polymer lithium electricity
Play software Operationg system or mainstream audio and video playback
Support system Windows me/2000 xp 2003/vista:M



DV135ST189 DVBV01


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