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This setting adjusts the footage to offset for motion during capture. The result is smoother footage, especially in activities with relatively small but fast motion including cycling, motorcycling, and handheld uses. The options for this setting are On (default) and Off. To access this advanced setting, see Navigating with the Touch Display (page 3).


Video Stabilization is available for all resolutions, except 4K60, 4K 4:3, 2.7K120, 2.7K60 4:3, and 1080p240. For Wide FOV, the image is cropped 10%. This setting is not available for Looping video


PRO TIP: The more narrow the FOV, the greater the effect of Video Stabilization.



Auto Low Light allows you to shoot in low-light environments or when quickly transitioning in and out of low-light conditions. When possible, the camera automatically adjusts fps to achieve the optimal exposure and best results.


The options for this setting are On and Off (default). Auto Low Light is available for frame rates higher than 30 fps, except 240 fps.


When Auto Low Light and Video Stabilization are both on and Auto Low Light activates, Video Stabilization is temporarily turned off to deliver optimal image quality in the dark scene.


To access this advanced setting, see Navigating with the Touch Display (page 3).



By default, this setting is off and your camera automatically switches between recording in stereo and filtering wind noise to achieve the best audio balance. When this setting is on, you can manually select which of these two filters to apply.


For example, you might want to turn on this setting and select Wind Only if you are recording outdoors on a windy day. You might select Stereo Only if you are recording in a club or theater where consistent stereo audio is a priority and wind is not a factor.


To access this advanced setting, see Navigating with the Touch Display (page 3).


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