Connecting to an Audio Accessory

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An accessory microphone or other component can provide enhanced audio for your captured video.


1. Connect the audio accessory to your camera’s USB-C port using GoPro’s Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter (sold separately).
2. From the camera’s main screen, swipe down.
3. Tap Preferences > Audio Input.
4. Tap an option:


Option Description
Standard Mic (default) Supports non-powered mics
Standard Mic+ Supports non-powered mics and provides 20dB boost
Powered Mic Supports self-powered mics
Powered Mic+ Supports self-powered mics and provides 20dB boost
Line In Supports line-level output from other audio equipment (mixing board, guitar preamplifier, karaoke machine, etc.)


Note: If you are not sure which option to select, refer to the information from your microphone manufacturer


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