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From changing the beep volume to turning off the status lights, you can set up your camera to work the way that you want.



1. Swipe down, then tap Preferences.
2. Tap a setting, then tap a new option.
3. To exit, swipe down.



The date and time are automatically updated when you connect your camera to the GoPro app or the Quik desktop app. However, you can manually change these settings, if needed.

Note: If the battery is removed from the camera for an extended period of time, you must reset the date and time (automatically or manually).



The date format is automatically based on the camera language that you select. However, you can manually change this setting, if needed. The options are DD.MM.YY, MM.DD.YY, and YY.MM.DD.



Sets the volume of your GoPro's alerts. The options are High (default), Med, Low, and Off.



Sets which status lights blink. The options are All On (default), All Off, and Front Off.


PRO TIP: Turn the front status light off if you are capturing in an area with windows or mirrors that might cause reflection in the shot.



Sets the capture mode that your GoPro defaults to when powering up. The options are Video (default), Time Lapse Video, Looping, Photo, Night, Burst, Time Lapse Photo, and Night Lapse Photo.


Note: This setting does not affect QuikCapture



Powers off your GoPro after a period of inactivity to save battery life. The options are 5 minutes, 15 minutes (default), 30 minutes, and Never.


Note: Voice Control is not available when the camera is off unless the Wake On Voice setting is turned on. When using Voice Control, consider selecting a higher time period (or Never) for Auto Of



Turns off the touch display after a period of inactivity to save battery life. The options are 1 minute (default), 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and Never. To turn on the touch display again, tap anywhere on the screen. When the touch display turns off, you can still use the camera buttons and Voice Control.



Adjusts the brightness level of the touch display. The options are 10% to 100% (default).



This setting determines the orientation of your video or photos to help you prevent upside down footage.


Setting Description
Auto (Auto Image Rotation) Camera automatically selects Up or Down, based on the orientation of the camera when recording begins. Ensures that your resulting image is always right-side up.
Up (default) Camera is set to always capture in right-side up orientation.
Down Camera is set to always capture in upside down orientation.



Locks the touch display to prevent accidental input. This setting is off by default.

• To turn on Auto Lock, swipe down, then tap []. To temporarily unlock the screen, swipe down, then tap the touch display.
• To turn off Auto Lock, swipe down, then tap [].



Captures the location where your video and photos were taken. To see this information, view the video or photos on a compatible desktop or mobile application. For details, visit



Sets the language that appears on the camera.



Sets the regional frame rates that your camera uses for recording and playing back video on a TV/HDTV. Selecting the appropriate option for your region helps prevent flicker when capturing video indoors.


Setting Description
NTSC Select this option to play back your video on an NTSC TV (most televisions in North America)
PAL Select this option to play back your video on a PAL TV (most televisions outside of North America)



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