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Solar Fountain

Operation Guide


• The Power of Solar Battery: 7V, 1.2W

• The Power of Pump: 7V, 1.1W

• Max Lift of Pump: 100cm

• The Size of solar panel power: 110mm*110mm*25mm

• Max flow quantity of Pump: 180 L/h

• Max water height: 30-60cm



• The Life Time: > 10000 Hours

• Restart: if sunshine is off, can restart within 3seconds when sunshine is back.

• Delay: < 5s



• Put the pump totally in the water with it's nozzle over the water; Be sure the pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the
fountain to avoid vibration.

• Plug the jack of pump in the jack of solar panel output.

• Put the solar panel under enough sunlight and be better to face directly to sun.



• Be sure to put enough water in the fountain, especially on sunny days; always keep the pump under the water surface.

• Change water frequently to keep the water cleaning to avoid any dirt to impede the pump.
• Be careful to protect the solar panel to avoid any damage.
• Keep the surface of solar panel cleaning constantly.



• Guarantee for one year.
• We are not responsible for the following mistakes.

■ Under sunlight with out water.
■ Drive the pump the error power supplier.
■ Using corrosive water or dirty water.


Operating manual:

• The solar panels placed in plenty of sunlights

• The pump is placed in the lowest water level below the MIN and fixed. Nozzle to above the highest water level of MAX

• Solar panels is according to the sunlight intensity automatically opened and closed



1. Put the solar panel under enough sunlight and be better to face directly to sun, The height of the water depends on the strength of the sun. When the sun is weak, water pump will not work continuously, but will automatically launch repeatedly, until the sun after reaching a certain intensity pump continuous work is resumed
2. The pump must be immersed in the water, not work long time dehydration. When pump just immersed in the water, because there is a air pump, Suggestions such as normal after water spray nozzle is inserted in the pump.
3. Please keep the water clean, regular cleaning water pump, to prevent foreign bodies caused by pump suction pump can't work normally.



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SQ11 SQ8 SQ9


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