Controlling Your GoPro with Your Voice

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You can control your HERO6 Black with your voice using a set of specific commands (see list below).


Note: Voice Control performance may be impacted by distance, wind, and noisy conditions. Keep the product clean and clear of debris.



Voice Control works best when you and your GoPro are in close proximity.
1. From the main screen, swipe down.
2. Tap [] to turn on Voice Control.


Note: You can also turn Voice Control on or off from the Preferences menu. Tap Preferences > On Camera Voice Control, then select an option.


3. If this is the first time you turned on voice control, confirm or change the voice control language.
4. Say a command from List of Voice Commands.
5. To turn off Voice Control manually, swipe down on the main screen, then tap []. Voice Control also turns off when your camera automatically powers off. For details, see Auto Off (page 24).


PRO TIP: To extend the voice control of your camera in windy and noisy environments, use Remo (Waterproof Voice Activated Remote). For details, visit



Two types of commands are available with Voice Control:
• Action commands let you immediately capture video or photos. For example, if you just stopped recording video, you can say the command to take a photo or begin capturing time lapse — without having to first change the mode.
• Mode commands are useful if you want to quickly select a mode and then use the Shutter button to capture.


Your camera does not need to be in a specific mode to capture video or photos. You can use the action commands from any mode. Your camera captures video or photos based on the settings you previously selected.


Action Command Description
GoPro turn on Powers on the camera [see Powering On Your GoPro with Your Voice for details]
GoPro start recording Starts capturing video
GoPro HiLight Adds a HiLight Tag to video during recording
That was sick Adds a HiLight Tag to video during recording
GoPro stop recording Stops capturing video
GoPro take a photo Captures a single photo
GoPro shoot burst Captures burst photos
GoPro start time lapse Starts capturing time lapse
GoPro turn of Powers off the camera
GoPro edit my story Moves video and photos from your most recent session (based on location and date) to your phone to create a QuikStory™

Note: If the QuikStories feature is turned on in the GoPro app, video and photos are automatically moved from your camera to your phone to create a QuikStory. This voice command lets you move the content immediately instead of waiting for the automatic process

Mode Command Description
GoPro Video mode Changes the camera mode to Video (does not capture video)
GoPro Photo mode Changes the camera mode to Photo mode (does not capture photos)
GoPro Burst mode Changes the camera mode to Burst mode (does not capture burst photos)
GoPro Time Lapse mode Changes the camera mode to Time Lapse (does not capture time lapse photos)


For the most updated list of commands, visit


PRO TIP: If you are recording video or time lapse, you must stop recording before issuing a new command.



With this setting, your GoPro responds to voice commands when it is powered off. This setting is in effect for 8 hours after you power off your GoPro.

1. From the main screen, swipe down.
2. Tap [] to turn on Voice Control.
3. Tap Preferences > Wake On Voice (in the Voice Control section).
4. Tap On.
5. Power off the camera using either the voice command or the Mode button [].
6. Say a command from List of Voice Commands.



1. From the main screen, swipe down.
2. Tap Preferences > Language (in the Voice Control section).
3. Tap a language.


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