20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2C. User Manual.

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Mi Power Bank 2C

Product Overview

Thank you for choosing 20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2C. This product is a high-capacity portable charger that uses. Li-polymer battery and chip for a safe, efficient, and compatible user experience.


The Power Check button is not a Power button. 20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2C detects charging and discharging automatically. The Power indicator goes off 2 minutes after fully discharged.


Safety: Mi Power Bank has multiple safeguard technologies to provide over-charge, over-discharge, high temperature, and short circuit protection in all working conditions.


Efficiency: supports fast charging and discharging at 5.1 V- 2.4A  9V/12V - 18W MAX output.


Compatibility: the product has a built-in USB charging controller, compatible with most smartphones. tablets, and devices. It supports mainstream fast charging devices, and can boost up to 9V/12V.


Quality: Li-polymer battery and chip.



Connect with Mi Power Adapter to charge Mi Power Bank. The indicator shows charging conditions as follows:


Power Level LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4
0-25% Blinking Off Off Off
25-50% On Blinking Off Off
50-75% On On Blinking Off
75-99% On On On Blinking
Fully Charged On On On On
Charging Error Blinking Blinking Blinking Blinking



Connect with Mi Power Bank to charge your device. The indicator shows discharging conditions as follows:


Power Level LED1 LED2 LED3 LED4
UndervoLtage Off Off Off Off
0-25% Blinking Off Off Off
25-50% Blinking Blinking Off Off
50-75% Blinking Blinking Blinking Off
75-100% Blinking Blinking Blinking Blinking


* Low-current discharge: when Mi Power Bank is not charging, double press the Power Check button to enter low-current discharge mode to charge small devices, such as Bluetooth headphones and smart bands. The indicator LEDs will turn on one by one in succession, indicating that Mi Power Bank is in low-current discharge mode. To exit low-current discharge mode, press the Power Check button.



• Make sure your Mi Power Bank is fulty charged on its first use.
• When charging a device with Mi Power Bank, make sure your device displays the battery charging icon and Mi Power Bank is working properly.
• When charging Mi Power Bank or charging a device with Mi Power Bank, make sure to use a standard charging cable.
• Recharge shortly when Mi Power Bank is in low power mode.
• When charging a device with Mi Power Bank, the device will use Mi Power Bank's power first.
• Disconnect Mi Power Bank to avoid further discharge once your device is fully charged.
• When Mi Power Bank enters protection mode (LEDs remain off after pressing the Power Check button) due to short circuit or other reasons, charge it with an external charger to resume.



• Mi Power Bank contains Li-ion battery cell. Do not open the casing to avoid cell damage or other dangers.
• Do not dismantle, crush, puncture and short circuit Mi Power Bank, or expose it to liquids, fire or environments where temperature is above 60°C (140°F).



Model: PLM06ZM
Battery type: Li-polymer battery
Cell capacity: 20000mAh 3.7V (74Wh)
Operating temperature: 0°C -40°C
Dimensions: 149.5x69.6x23.9mm
Input: 5.0V-2.0A  9.0V-2.0A
Output: 2x5.1V-2.4A  9.0V-2.0A 12.0V-1.5A MAX 18W
Charging time:
approx. 6.7 hours (9V/2A adapter, standard cable):
approx. 10 hours (5V/2A adapter, standard cable)



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