Manage connections between your device and a variety of networks and other devices.

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Wi-Fi is a term used for certain types of Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). Wi-Fi communication requires access to a wireless Access Point (AP).



Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology that connects your device wirelessly to a number of Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and hands-free car Bluetooth systems, and Bluetooth‑enabled computers, printers, and wireless devices.

The Bluetooth communication range is approximately 30 feet.


Phone Visibility

Allow other devices to find your mobile device and transfer files.


Data Usage

Monitor how your data is being used, and set limits and restrictions to conserve it.

Your service provider may account for data usage differently.


Airplane Mode

Airplane mode disconnects your device from all networks and turns off connectivity features, such as phone calls and Wi-Fi.

While in Airplane mode, you can use other features such as playing music, watching videos, and other offline applications.


NFC and Payment

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows data exchange when you touch your device with another compatible device.


Mobile Hotspot

Activate Hotspot to allow other devices to use your device's Internet connection.



You can use Bluetooth or USB tethering to share your device's Internet connection with a computer.


Mobile Networks

Control your device’s access to networks and mobile data service.



Some apps, such as Google Maps, may require one or more location services be turned on for full functionality.


Nearby Device Scanning

Scan for nearby devices to connect to and set them up easily. You receive a notification when there are available devices to connect to. This function uses Bluetooth Low Energy scanning even if Bluetooth is turned off on your device.



Print images and documents to Samsung printers and other compatible printers (not included).



Mirror your phone’s display on your car’s entertainment and information screen using a USB connection. To use this feature, your car system must support MirrorLink.


Download Booster

Download booster improves download speed by using both Wi-Fi and LTE networks at the same time when downloading files over 30 MB in size.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Set up and manage your Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). You must set a secured screen lock before setting up a VPN.



Configure an Ethernet connection with your device.



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