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Please read the Instructions for Use carefully and follow the instructions contained in them. Get to know the Electronic Pressure Switch, its correct use and the safety instructions with the assistance of these Instructions for Use.


For safety reasons, children and young persons under the age of 16 and people who have not read these Instructions for Use should not use this Electronic Pressure Switch.


1. Area of Application of Your GARDENA Electronic Pressure Switch.

Intended use: The GARDENA Electronic Pressure Switch is used for converting garden pumps into automatic domestic water system for private use in domestic gardens and allotments.

Please note: The pump used must reach a pressure of at least 2.5 bar at the intake for the Electronic Pressure Switch.


2. Safety Instructions

Warning! Electric shock!
Risk of injury due to electric shock.


Always unplug Garden Pump before filling, after operation when troubleshooting and before carrying out any maintenance work.



Warning: Using a pump converted with the electronic pressure switch on swimming pools, garden ponds and similar locations is only permissibie if the pump is operated via a fault current circuit-breaker (Fl-switch) (DIN VDE 0100-702 and 0100-738). In addition, the pump must be set up so that it is stable and cannot be flooded and must be protected to prevent it falling. An approved RCD powerbreaker can be used as an additional safety device.


-» Please ask your electrician for his advice.
Take care that the site is firm and solid, in order to ensure safe location of the pump.

-» Locate the pump at safe distance of the liquid.


Extension cables

The Electronic Pressure Switch may only be operated with 230 V / 50 Hz.


-» Note mains voltage.
Pursuant to DIN VDE 0620, power cable as well as extension cables must not have a smaller diameter than rubber sheathed cables described with letter symbols H07 RNF.
-»  Ensure that the plug and socket connections are arranged in an area which cannot flood.


In Austria

In Austria, the electrical connections must be made according to OVE-EM 42, T2 (2000)/1979 § 22 based on § 2022. Pursuant to this regulation it's imperative to operate pumps for swimming pools and garden ponds exclusively an isolating transformer.
-» Please ask your electrician.


In Switzerland

In Switzerland mobile appliances which are used outdoors, must be connected via a residual-current device.


Visual check

-» Always inspect before use to ensure that the equipment, especially the plug and the cable, are not damaged.
A damaged unit must not be used.
-» If damaged, have the Electronic Pressure Switch checked by GARDENA Service or an authorised electrician.


3. Function and Display

The Electronic Manometric Switch is equipped with an electronic control unit with fixed programs. The electronic control unit is activated by pulses from the manometric switch and the flow recognition of the dry-running safety feature.
The manometric switch is set at the factory to a switching pressure of approx. 2.2 bar This setting cannot be changed. The dry-running safety mechanism protects the pump against damage and controls the time the pump continues to run against the closed delivery side.


Explanation of terms


Normal operation. The pump has reached the maximum pump pressure and switches off automatically.


Suction cycle. The pump attempts to resume normal operation after 4 minutes.


Automatic self-priming mode (yellow ALARM LED flashes). After a fault, the pump's electronic control unit makes three automatic self-priming attempts at different time intervals (after 1 hour, after 5 hours and after 20 hours) to restore normal operation. The priming cycle (see above) is used for each of these attempts.


RESET key: You can switch the pump on again prematurely at any time by pressing the RESET key. If the warning LED is flashing, however, the pump can only be turned on again by unplugging the mains plug and then plugging the plug back in again.



Electronic control display


1. RESET key:
Resets the pump after a fault occurs.

Indicates that the pump is connected to the mains power supply.

3. Green Pump ON LED:
Indicates that the pump is pumping.

4. Yellow ALARM (No Water) LED:
Indicates a fault.



Operating states


Red POWER LED (2) is on: The pump is operating in the normal operating mode.


Green Pump ON LED (3) is on: The pump is pumping. Once the pump has reached the max pump pressure, the pump switches off (the green Pump ON LED extinguishes) and the pump functions in the normal operating mode.


Green Pump ON LED (3) flashes slowly (1 x per second.): The delivery rate is too low at the delivery side (less than 90 I / h). The pump continues to pump for a moment then switches off. The pump switches on again as soon as the pressure reaches the switching pressure of approx. 2.2 bar (e.g. if there is a leak) - or - the pump is about to switch off after you have finished drawing off water.


Green Pump ON LED (3) lashes quickly (4 x per second.): The flow rale on the inlet side is too low (below 400 I / h). The pump continues to run for approx. 40 seconds. If normal operation is not achieved during this time, the pump switches off and the control unit changes to the "automatic selfpriming mode".


Yellow ALARM LED (4) flashes slowly (1 x per second.): The amount of water is too low when restarting the pump. The pump runs through the first "priming cycle". If the normal operating mode is not achieved, the pump switches off and the control unit changes to the "automatic selfpriming mode".


Yellow ALARM LED (4) flashes quickly (4 x per second.): Alarm which indicates if the amount of water is too low when the pump is operating in the normal mode. The control unit changes to the "automatic self-priming mode".


Yellow ALARM LED (4) is on: The "automatic self-priming mode" is no longer active and the unit is no longer supplying water (e.g. no water in the container or borse or the filter is dirty).


Green Pump ON LED (3) and yellow ALARM LED (4) flash alternately: Warning: There is a leak in the pipe system. The pump switches on and oft because of a leak. If the pump switches on and off more than 7 times within 2 minutes, the control unit issues a warning via flashing LEDs and the motor switches itself off.


4. Assembly

Fit pressure switch on the pump:

The Electronic Pressure Switch provided with a 33.3 mm (G 1) external thread on the input side (1).


1. For GARDENA pumps: art.1422/1429/1432/1434/1438/1442 screw adapter (2) on to the pump and screw sealing cap (3) on the side pressure connection.

2. Place pressure switch (4) on the pump.

3. Hold the pressure switch (4) with one hand and screw the lower rotating part (5) into the pump as far as the stop.

4. When you reach the stop, turn the non-return valve (6) anticlockwise (max. 1 turn) to the position required.

5. Plug mains plug (7) of the pump into the socket (8) of the pressure switch (4) (behind the display).



5. Putting into operation

Connect the hose to the suction side:

Don't use any hose connection system fittings on the suction side! A vacuum-resistant suction hose must be used.


● e.g. GARDENA Suction Unit, Art. no. 1411.


To shorten the time required for suction to start again, we recommend the use e.g. of the GARDENA suction filter with backflow preventer, Art. 1728, combined with the GARDENA suction hose, Art. 1412, which prevents the suction hose emptying automatically when the automatic domestic water systems are shut down.


-» Remove the flat gasket of the suction hose and replace it with the dirt filter (9) provided.


Alternatively, you can also use the GARDENA Pump Preliminary Filter, Art no. 1730/1731.


It is important to filter the water to prevent contaminating the manometric switch.


Connect the hose to the delivery side: The 33.3 mm (G1) inner thread at the outlet of the Electronic Manometric Switch can be modified if necessary to an outer thread by using the GARDENA Pump Fitting, Art. No. 1745, which can be fitted to the GARDENA Water Hose Connection System.

For pumps fitted with an horizontal 33.3 mm (G 1) outer thread we recommend the use of the GARDENA Brass Angle with inner thread, Art. No. 7281. The connections have to be sealed with commercial agents.


6. Operation

Switch on Electronic Pressure Switch:


Warning! Electric shock! Risk of injury due to electric shock.

-» Disconnect the Electronic Pressure Switch from the mains before filling it.


1. Turn rotary switch (10) of the non-return valve to position 2. (valve opened).
2. Open filler pipe of pump (to vent it).
3. Fill with liquid to be pumped via the outlet pipe (11) until it reaches the overflow.
4. Open any shut-off devices in the delivery line (watering accessories, water stop, etc.) so that air can escape before the priming procedure begins.
5. Drain remaining water in pressure hose so that air can escape during the suction process.


The mains plug of the pump must be plugged into the manometric switch!


6. Switch ON/OFF switch of pump (if present) to "ON".
7. Plug the pump into a 230 V/50 Hz alternating current socket (12).


Warning: The pump will start immediately!


8. When the pump has begun pumping, turn the rotary switch (10) of the return valve to position 1 (normal operating mode).


-» If the pump does not deliver liquid after 7 minutes, unplug the manometric switch (12) (see "8. Trouble Shooting").




it is advantageous to fill the suction hose as well if the pump has to overcome a large self-priming suction height, or if the suction hose has a diameter (25.4 mm).


7. Maintenance

Decalcifying the electronic manometric switch:



Warning! Electric shock! Risk of injury due to electric shock.
-» Disconnect the Electronic Pressure Switch from the mains before undertaking any maintenance.


1. Reduce the pressure (e. g. by opening a valve).

2. Loosen the pressure hose and fill the manometric switch (4) with water containing vinegar or a household decalcifying product.

3. Rinse the manometric switch (4) thoroughly after decalcifying.




8. Trouble Shooting

Warning! Electric shock! Risk of injury due to electric shock.
-» Disconnect the Electronic Pressure Switch from the before undertaking any work to rectify faults.


Problem Probable cause Remedy
Warning flashing
(green Pump ON LED and yellow ALARM LED flash alternately)
➔ See 3. Function and Display
Faulty or leaking back-flow preventer at the end of the suction hose.
Pump and suction hose are not filled up with the liquid to be pumped.
Backflow valve switch set to position 2 and was not set to position 1 once the pump began pumping.
Suction hose end is not submerged into the liquid.
Outlet too low.
Suction hose or connections are not water-tight.
Suction filter clogged.
Air cannot escape on delivery side since release points are closed etc.
Delivery pipe or consumer are not water-tight.
1. Unplug the manometric switch.
2. Rectify the fault.
3. Plug the manometric switch back in again.


Shouldn’t the pump start priming, although you have repeatedly pressed the RESET button, please contact one of our GARDENA Service Centres (addresses you will find on the rear side).

Pump switches on and off continuously if liquid is drawn at a rate greater than 400 l / h. Dirt has collected on the manometric switch. 1. Remove manometric switch from pump.
2. Return valve set to position 2.
3. Rinse manometric switch.
Pump doesn’t start or suddenly stops during operation. No power ➔ Check fuses an electric connections.
Electronic Manometric Switch calcified. ➔ Decalcify the Electronic Manometric Switch.
Pump constantly cuts in and out without drawing water.


Note: Even the smallest leak (loss of a few mls) can cause the pressure in the pump to drop. The cause of this is often small leaks at taps and toilet flushing cisterns.

Leak on the pressure side 1. Check the pressure line and connected consumers for leaks.
2. The non-return valve shall be at position 1 when localising faults.
There being deposits of dirt in in Electronic Manometric Switch. 1. Loosen the Electronic Manometric Switch from the pump.
2. Turn the non-return valve to position 2.
3. Clean the non-return valve, e.g. by flushing in the direction of flow.
Pump does cut out. Rotary switch / non-return valve is set to position 2. ➔ Set the rotary switch to position 1.
Non-return valve of the Electronic Manometric Switch is blocked. ➔ Clean the non-return valve, e.g. by flushing in the direction of flow.
Larger leaks on the pressure side. ➔ Rectify leaks.
Pump doesn’t start working. Outlet end (e.g. water accessory) is closed. There is sufficient water pressure in the pressure line. ➔ Open the outlet end.


In addition to this, please observe the notes on use given in the operating instructions for the applicable garden pump.


If you have any other problem with your Garden Pump, please contact our Customer Service.


9. After Operation

Wintering / Storage

➔ Drain the pump and the Electronic Manometric Switch before the frost period sets in. Store them protected from frost.


10. Accessories

GARDENA Suction Filter

To equip suction hoses with Backflow Preventer sold by the metre.

• Art. no. 1726/1727/1728


GARDENA Pump Preliminary Filter

Recommended for pumping sandy liquids.

• Art. no. 1730 / 1731


GARDENA Bore Hole Suction Hose

For vacuum-resistant connection of the pump to boreholes or pipe networks. Length 0.5 m. With 33.3 mm (G1) female thread at both ends.

• Art. no. 1729


11. Technical Data

Typ Art. 1739

Cut-in pressure after pressure drop: 2,2 ± 0,2 bar

Max. pressure: 6 bar

Max. rate of flow: 8400 l/h

Min. flow regulated at pressure side: 90 l/h

Min. flow regulated at suction side: 300 l/h

Max. ambient temperature: 35 °C

Voltage/Frequency: 230 V AC / 50 Hz

Max. current: 8 A

Degree of protection/Protection class: IP 44 / I


12. Service



GARDENA guarantees this product for 2 years (from date of purchase).


This guarantee covers all serious defects of the unit that can be proved to be material or manufacturing faults. Under warranty we will either replace the unit or repair it free of charge if the following conditions apply:

• The unit must have been handled properly and in keeping with the requirements of the operating instructions.
• Neither the purchaser or a non-authorised third party have attempted to repair the unit.
This manufacturer’s guarantee does not affect the user’s existing warranty claims against the dealer/seller.


If a fault occurs with your Garden Pump, please return the faulty unit together with a copy of the receipt and a description of the fault, with postage paid to one of the GARDENA Service Centres listed on the back of these operating instructions.



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