Configure your device's connections and settings, add accounts, and customize Home screens, apps, and features.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

How to Use Settings




Manage connections between your device and a variety of networks and other devices.



Wi-Fi is a term used for certain types of Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). Wi-Fi communication requires access to a wireless Access Point (AP).



Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology that connects your device wirelessly to a number of Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and hands-free car Bluetooth systems, and Bluetooth‑enabled computers, printers, and wireless devices.

The Bluetooth communication range is approximately 30 feet.


Phone Visibility

Allow other devices to find your mobile device and transfer files.


Data Usage

Monitor how your data is being used, and set limits and restrictions to conserve it.

Your service provider may account for data usage differently.


Airplane Mode

Airplane mode disconnects your device from all networks and turns off connectivity features, such as phone calls and Wi-Fi.

While in Airplane mode, you can use other features such as playing music, watching videos, and other offline applications.


NFC and Payment

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows data exchange when you touch your device with another compatible device.


Mobile Hotspot

Activate Hotspot to allow other devices to use your device's Internet connection.



You can use Bluetooth or USB tethering to share your device's Internet connection with a computer.


Mobile Networks

Control your device’s access to networks and mobile data service.



Some apps, such as Google Maps, may require one or more location services be turned on for full functionality.


Nearby Device Scanning

Scan for nearby devices to connect to and set them up easily. You receive a notification when there are available devices to connect to. This function uses Bluetooth Low Energy scanning even if Bluetooth is turned off on your device.



Print images and documents to Samsung printers and other compatible printers (not included).



Mirror your phone’s display on your car’s entertainment and information screen using a USB connection. To use this feature, your car system must support MirrorLink.


Download Booster

Download booster improves download speed by using both Wi-Fi and LTE networks at the same time when downloading files over 30 MB in size.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Set up and manage your Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). You must set a secured screen lock before setting up a VPN.



Configure an Ethernet connection with your device.



Sounds and Vibration

Configure the sounds and vibrations used to indicate notifications, screen touches, and other interactions.


Sound Mode

You can switch between sound modes, while preserving the individual sound settings you have made.


Easy Mute

Mute sounds and video by covering the screen or turning over the device.



Configure your device’s vibrations.



Set the system volume level and default volume for call ringtones, notifications, and other audio.



Choose from preset ringtones or add your own.


Notification Sounds

Choose a sound for notifications, such as for new messages and event reminders.


Do Not Disturb

This setting allows you to block all notifications and alerts. The options below determine what notifications can make sounds, and during what time periods you want to enter this mode.


System Sounds

Set various other system sound options.


Key-Tap Feedback

Play tones when the dialing keypad or the keyboard is tapped.


Sound Quality and Effects

You can enable sound effects when connected to a headset. Sound effects are only available when headphones or a compatible Bluetooth headset (not included) is connected.


Separate App Sound

You can choose to have an app play sound on a speaker or headphones separate from the rest of the sounds on your phone.




Select which apps you want to receive alerts from. Alerts include notifications, sounds, and vibrations.


Block App Notifications

Block notifications for apps.


Customize App Notifications

Customize notification settings for each application individually.




Configure your display’s brightness, screen timeout delay, and other display settings.


Screen Brightness

Adjust the screen brightness to suit your surroundings or personal preference. You may also want to adjust screen brightness to conserve battery power.


Blue Light Filter

Use the Blue light filter at night to help you sleep better. You can set a schedule to automatically turn this feature on and off.


Screen Mode

Choose a screen mode to match your type of viewing.


Screen Resolution

You can change the screen resolution level. All apps will close when you change the resolution.


Screen Zoom and Font

You can set the screen zoom level and the font size and style.


Full Screen Apps

Choose which apps you want to use in the full screen aspect ratio.


Easy Mode

Switch between the default screen layout and a simpler layout. The Easy mode layout has larger text and icons, making for a more straightforward visual experience.


Icon Frames

You can show icons with shaded frames to make them stand out on the Home screen and Apps list screen.


LED Indicator

Light up the LED indicator when charging, voice recording, or receiving notifications.


Status Bar

Configure display options for the Status bar.


Navigation Bar

You can configure the Navigation bar background color and button layout.


Screen Timeout

Turn the screen off after a set amount of time.


Keep Screen Turned Off

You can prevent the screen from turning on while the device is in a dark place, such as a pocket or a bag.


Screen Saver

Screen saver controls what is displayed on the screen when the device is docked (dock not included) or while charging. You can choose to display colors or photos.


Smart Stay

Smart stay detects your face with the front camera so that the screen stays on while you are looking at it.


One-Handed Mode

Change the screen layout to accommodate operating your device with one hand.



Wallpapers and Themes

You can change the appearance of your device with custom wallpapers, themes, and icons.



Change the look of the Home and Lock screens with wallpaper. You can display a favorite picture or choose from preloaded wallpapers.



Set the theme to be applied to your Home and Lock screens, wallpapers, and app icons.



Apply custom icons to replace built-in app icons.


Always On Displays (AODs)

Apply custom layouts for the Always On Display.



Device Maintenance

View the status of your device's battery, storage, and memory. You can also automatically optimize your device’s system resources.



View how battery power is used for device activities.


Performance Mode

Optimize your device’s performance features to best fit your usage.



View the device memory and usage. Mount, unmount, or format an optional memory card (not included).


Emergency Mode

Use Emergency mode to conserve battery power during emergencies. Power‑hungry apps and functions are disable, but you are still able to send messages, use Contacts, and make emergency calls.


Language and Input

Configure your device's language and input settings.


Date and Time

By default, your device receives date and time information from the wireless network. When you are outside network coverage, you may want to set date and time information manually using the date and time settings.



Reset device and network settings. You can also reset your device to its factory defaults.


Factory Data Reset

You can reset your device to factory defaults, erasing all data from your device.


System Updates

Check for and install available software updates for your device.



Lock Screen and Security

Secure your device and protect your data with Lock Screen and Security settings.


Set a Screen Lock

It is recommended that you secure your device using a Screen lock.


Always On Display Settings

Choose what to display on a standby screen instead of turning off the screen.


Lock Screen and AOD Settings

Configure display settings for the Lock screen and Always On Display (AOD).


Samsung Pass

Use Samsung Pass to access your favorite services with biometric data. You must sign in to your Samsung account to use Samsung Pass.


Unknown Sources

Enable installation of non-Google Play applications.


Secure Folder

Lock your private content and apps to enhance security. You must sign in to your Samsung account in order to use Secure Folder. You must also set a secure lock for your device.


Secure Startup

Protect your device by requiring a numeric PIN or password to be entered before it starts up. You must have a secured screen lock for this option to be available.


Encrypt SD Card

Require a numeric PIN or password to decrypt your optional memory card (not included) when you first access it after powering on your device.


Set Up SIM Card Lock

Require your SIM card PIN to unlock and use your SIM card.


View Passwords

Display password characters briefly as you type them.


Security Update Service

Automatically receive security updates.


Phone Administration

Manage your device administrators and application installation privileges.


Credential Storage

Manage your security certificates. If a certificate authority (CA) certificate gets compromised or for some other reason you do not trust it, you can disable or remove it.


Advanced Security Settings

Use these options to configure advanced security settings.




Set up and manage accounts, including your Google Account, Samsung account, email, and social networking accounts.


Add an Account

You can add and manage all your email, social networking, and picture and video sharing accounts.


Backup and Reset

Back up your data to your Google accounts.


Google Settings

Configure your device's Google settings.




Accessibility services are special features that make using the device easier for those with certain physical disabilities.



You can turn on Accessibility features to assist with visual aspects of the device.



You can turn on Accessibility features to assist with audio aspects of the device.


Dexterity and Interaction

You can turn on Accessibility features to assist with dexterity and interaction aspects of the device.


More Accessibility Settings

Customize additional accessibility features for your device.


Accessibility Services

Additional accessibility apps may be downloaded from the Google Play store.



Other Settings

Configure features on your device that make it easier to use.



View tips and guidelines for using your device.


Manage Game Features

Automatically arranges all your games in one place.


Phone Assistance App


Report Diagnostic Information

This feature sends diagnostic information about your device when you are having technical problems.


About Phone

View information about your phone, including current status, legal information, hardware and software versions, and more.



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