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Accessibility services are special features that make using the device easier for those with certain physical disabilities.


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Dexterity and Interaction


More Accessibility Settings


Accessibility Services





You can turn on Accessibility features to assist with visual aspects of the device.


1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.


2. Tap Settings > Accessibility > Vision, and tap an option:


Voice Assistant: Give spoken feedback to assist blind and low‑vision users.


- Voice Assistant can collect all of the text you enter, except passwords, including personal data and credit card numbers. It may also log your user interface interactions with the device.


Voice Assistant help: View help on using Voice Assistant.


Dark screen: Keep the screen turned off at all times for privacy.


Rapid key input: Release your finger to enter selection instead of double tapping.


Speak passwords: Read the characters aloud as you enter your passwords.


Accessibility shortcut: Quickly enable accessibility features in two quick steps.


Voice Label: Write voice recordings to NFC tags to provide information about nearby objects.


Screen zoom and font: Configure the screen zoom level and font size and style.


High contrast fonts: Adjust the color and outline of fonts to increase the contrast with the background.


High contrast keyboard: Adjust the size of the Samsung keyboard and change its colors to increase the contrast between the keys and the background.


Show button shapes: Show buttons with shaded backgrounds to make them stand out.


Magnifier window: Magnify content shown on the screen.


Magnification gestures: Use exaggerated gestures such as triple-tapping, double pinching, and dragging two fingers across the screen.


Large mouse/touchpad pointer: Enable a large pointer for a connected mouse or touchpad.


Grayscale: Enable grayscale mode instead of using colors.


Negative colors: Reverse the display of colors from white text on a black background to black text on a white background.


Color adjustment: Adjust the color of the screen if you are color blind or have difficulty reading the display because of the screen color.


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You can turn on Accessibility features to assist with audio aspects of the device.


1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.


2. Tap Settings > Accessibility > Hearing, and tap an option:


Sound detectors: Receive alerts when the device detects a baby crying or a doorbell.


Flash notification: Set the camera light or screen to blink whenever you receive a notification.


Mute all sounds: Turn off all notifications and audio for privacy.


Hearing aids: Improve the sound quality for use with hearing aids.


Samsung subtitles (CC): Use Samsung subtitles with multimedia files when available.


Google subtitles (CC): Use Google subtitles with multimedia files when available.


Left and right sound balance: Use the slider to set the left and right balance when using a stereo device.


Mono audio: Switch audio from stereo to mono for use with one earphone.


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Dexterity and Interaction

You can turn on Accessibility features to assist with dexterity and interaction aspects of the device.


1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.


2. Tap Settings > Accessibility > Dexterity and interaction, and tap an option:


Universal switch: Control your device with your customized switches.


Assistant menu: Improve the device accessibility for users with reduced dexterity.


Easy screen turn on: Turn on the screen without having to press any buttons.


Touch and hold delay: Select a time interval for this action.


Click after pointer stops: Automatically click on an item after the pointer stops over it.


Interaction control: Block areas of the screen from touch interaction. Disable auto screen rotation and hard key functions. Only show application notifications in the Notification panel and the Status bar.


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More Accessibility Settings

Customize additional accessibility features for your device.


1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.


2. Tap Settings > Accessibility, and tap an option:


Text-to-speech: Set your preferred TTS engine and options. For more information, see “Text-to-Speech Options


Direction lock: Unlock the screen by swiping in a series of directions.


Direct access: Open your accessibility settings by pressing the Volume up key and the Power key together.


Notification reminder: Beep at set intervals to remind you of any unread notifications.


Answering and ending calls: Select shortcuts for answering and ending calls.


Single tap mode: Dismiss or snooze alarms, calendar events, and timer alerts, and answer or reject incoming calls with a single tap.


Manage accessibility: Import and export your accessibility settings, or share them with other devices.


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Accessibility Services

Additional accessibility apps may be downloaded from the Google Play store.


1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.


2. Tap Settings > Accessibility.


3. Certain accessibility services you install may be listed and configured under Services:


Support & Protection: Protect your mobile device from threats posed by malicious websites.


TalkBack: Your device provides spoken feedback to help blind and low-vision users.


Switch Access: Lets you scan and select items using one or more switches.



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