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Manage settings for application on your device.


Application Manager

You can download and install new applications on your device. Use Application manager settings to manage your downloaded and preloaded applications.


Warning: Because this device can be configured with system software not provided by or supported by Google or any other company, you operate this software at your own risk.


If you have disabled apps, you can choose whether to display them.


1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.


2. Tap Settings > Apps > App manager.


3. If you have disabled applications:


• Tap Menu at the top left of the screen.


• Tap All apps, Enabled, or Disabled.


4. Tap  More options for the following options:


Sort by size/name: Sort the apps by size or name.


Memory: View memory usage information.


Show/Hide system apps: Show or hide system (background) apps.


Special access: Optimize battery usage for individual apps, enable device administrator apps, choose apps that can appear over other running apps, select which apps can change system settings, and more.


Reset app preferences: Reset options that have been changed. Existing app data is not deleted.


5. Tap an application to view and update information about the application. The following options are displayed:


Uninstall/Disable: Uninstall or disable the application. Preloaded apps can only be disabled.


Force stop: Stop an app that is misbehaving. Restart your device if stopping an app, process, or service causes your device to stop working correctly.


Mobile data: View mobile data usage.


Battery: View battery usage since the last full charge.


Storage: Manage the app’s storage usage.


Memory: View memory usage.


Notifications: Configure notifications from the app.


Permissions: View permissions granted to the app for access to your device’s information.


Set as default: Set the app as a default for a certain category of apps.


Draw over other apps: Choose apps that can run on top of other running apps.


Modify system settings: Choose which apps can change system settings.


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Default Applications

If you have multiple applications of the same type, such as email apps, you can select one app to be the default.


You can also use a simpler Home screen that provides an easier user experience for first-time smartphone users.


1. From a Home screen, swipe up to access Apps.


2. Tap Settings > Apps > Default apps.


3. Tap the following to choose default apps:


Browser app: Choose a default browser app.


Calling app: Choose a default calling app.


Messaging app: Choose a default messaging (text and multimedia) app.


Default app selection: Choose default apps for other functions.


Set as default: Choose default apps for other functions.


Home screen: Choose a Home screen type.


Phone assistance app: Choose an app that provides assistance for using your device.



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