Emergency Mode

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Emergency mode conserves your device's remaining power when you are in an emergency situation.


Emergency mode saves battery power by:

• Restricting application usage to only essential applications and those you select.

• Turning off Mobile data when the screen is off.

• Turning off connectivity features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®.


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Activate Emergency Mode

To activate Emergency mode:


1. Press and hold the Power key to display the Device options window.


2. Tap Emergency mode.


• When accessing for the first time, read the Terms and conditions. If you accept them, tap the Checkbox, and then tap Agree.


3. Tap Turn on.


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Turn Off Emergency Mode

After Emergency mode is turned off, the Location settings may stay the same as they were in Emergency mode.


► From the Emergency mode Home screen, tap More options > Turn off Emergency mode.


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Use Emergency Mode Features

While in Emergency mode, your device conserves power. The following apps and features are available on the Home screen:


Flashlight: Use the device's flash as a steady source of light.


Emergency alarm: Sound an audible siren.


Message my location: Send your location information to your emergency contacts.


Phone: Launch the call screen.


Chrome: Launch the Google Chrome™ browser.


Add: Add other available apps.


- Email: Launch the Email app.


- Maps: Launch Google Maps™.


Battery charge: Display estimated battery charge remaining.


Estimated usage time remaining: Display estimated standby time that can be reached based on current battery charge and usage.


Emergency call: Dial the emergency telephone number (for example, 911). This kind of call can be made even without activated cellular service


 More options:


- Turn off Emergency mode: Disable Emergency mode and return to standard mode.


- Remove: Choose apps to remove from the screen.


- Manage emergency contacts: Manage your medical profile and ICE (In Case of Emergency) group contacts.


- Settings: Configure the available settings. Only a limited number of settings are enabled in Emergency mode.



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